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Marcway Point Kits
All Marcway point kits contain a finely cast frog and wing unit to make assembly easy - All nickel silver rails are ground and shaped including the finely tapered blades - They also contain suitable PCB sleepering, tie bar, plans and full instructions - Plans of both left and right hand points are included so that either hand point can be built from the kit - The plans are printed on thin card to which the provided double sided tape can be used to position the sleepers.
O Gauge Point Kits - Marcway SMP versions of 48" & 72" 25
Containing code 125 bullhead nickel silver rails and matches Marcway, Peco or C&L etc.
48" Radius Point Left or Right Hand
£ 29.99
72" Radius Point Left or Right Hand
£ 29.99
Curved Kit 10'/5' Rad makes L or R
£ 38.50
Three Way Point (Offset)
£ 58.00
Wye Point Kit
£ 29.99
Half Track 2 Yard Pack Inc Spare Rails
£ 32.50
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